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April 13, 2014  

FCAT Testing




FCAT testing begins this week.  Please review the testing dates. It is important for your child to get plenty of rest the night before, eat a good breakfast and arrive to school on time each day. 


If a student misses a session he/she will NOT be able to go on to the next session.  For example if a student misses Reading Session 1 on Wednesday he/she will NOT be able to take Session 2 the next day.  All subjects must be tested in the order assigned by the District. 


If a student is absent on a day  testing is scheduled, he/she will be provided with the opportunity to make up that session during the scheduled administration period.  For example, if a student is absent during the administration of Reading, Session 1 on Wednesday, he/she would be re-scheduled to take Session 1 on their return to school.  (Note that tests with two sessions must be completed in order: Session 1 followed by Session 2.)



Click here to view and print the testing schedule.




No School


no school day



Friday, April 18th - Teacher Planning Day 


Striking Strings


Our Vineland Striking Strings performed at the 2014 Florida Orchestra Association District 16 Evaluation at Coral Reef Senior High School. Mrs. Bonelli and Mr. Sharp are so proud of their accomplishments. Hats off to these amazing young musicians.

Vineland Striking Strings

2014 Florida Orchestra Association District 16 Evaluation

Coral Reef Sr. High

FRONT ROW * (From left to right) Paige Samuels, Raquel Morales, Renee Sealy, Kalia Richardson, Jayla Burton, Yvonne Cao, Giovanna D'Aiuto, Giselle Gadea, Vivian Mele, Lauren Zaldua

MIDDLE ROW * (From left to right) Destiny Watson, Kelly Huaman, Sarah Bautista, Celimar Mion, Nicholas Dopazo, Glasy Perez, Hannah Dietz, Diamond Taylor, Eric Diaz, Danielle Donahue, Athena Severson, Valeria Espinoza, Jonathan Mendez, Mr. Sharp

BACK ROW * (From left to right) Vincent Cosomano, Dedric Taylor, Matthew Roca, Gabriella Borelli, Jacob Suarez, Sebastian Machado


General Obligation Bond Informational Meeting


Dr. Feldman would like to share an upcoming meeting for students that is taking place at Palmetto Senior High. The meeting will this Wednesday April 16 at 2:30 pm at the school's auditorium.  This student run meeting will serve to inform the students and community of upcoming facility plans related to the General Obligation Bond. The students are to be commended for their initiative.
Community members are welcome to attend and listen as  part of the audience.



Recycling Electronics


LAST CALL!!!  If you have any electronic items (see list below) for recycling, please bring them to the media center by Monday morning.  They will not be accepted after Monday, as we will be testing and we need the space to store things for the summer. 

A reminder of acceptable items:
LCDs & Monitors, Computers, Fax machines, Printers, Inkjet cartridges, Toner, Copiers, Wire, Video game consoles, Laptops, Cameras, Camcorders, Internet Devices, Keyboards, Mice, MP3, Players, VCRs & DVDs, Cell phones, Telephone Equipment and musical instruments.

Thank you!



Career Day Speakers Needed

Vineland K-8 Center will host our annual Career Day on Wednesday, May 21, 2014 from 9:00 a.m. to 12 noon. Career Day is designed to expose students to various careers through interactive and/or hands-on demonstrations. We would like to invite members of your company or organization to participate in this event by serving as guest speakers who will come to our school and share information, expertise, and job-related personal experiences with our students. If you, or someone you know, might be interested in participating in this event, please contact Mrs. Moreland, School Counselor, at (305) 238-7931 x2118 and complete and return the attached form. You may return the form to your child's teacher, to the main office, or fax the form to the school (attention Mrs. Moreland at 305-378-0776).


Click here to view detailed information on Career Day.

Click here to view and print registration form.   



National Poetry Month



April is National Poetry Month, and whether you are a creative writer or just enjoy listening to verse, here are some ideas on how to celebrate, create, and connect with poetry.
This is Where
In celebration of National Poetry Month, WLRN {South Florida's public radio station} is hosting a poetry contest titled "This is Where." Participants are asked to pen a poem about a South Florida location that has meaning in their lives. The submission deadline is April 21st. For contest rules and information, click HERE.
O, Miami
The goal of this annual month-long poetry festival is to encourage Miami residents to embrace at least one poem during the month of April. The festival includes poetry workshops, poetry slams, open mike nights, readings and even a Lit Crawl {a pub crawl with poetry!}. Click HERE for events and locations.
Florida State Poets Association
The Florida State Poets Association is sponsoring several poetry contests in honor of National Poetry Month. Poets are encouraged to submit their original, unpublished work by April 15th. For themes, rules, and submission guidelines, please click HERE.
Favorite Poem Project
Founded by Robert Pinsky, the 39th Poet Laureate of the United States, the Favorite Poem Project is a collection of videos that feature poetry lovers from all walks of life reading and speaking about the poems that they hold dear.  To view these videos and to learn more about the Favorite Poem Project, click HERE.
Poem in Your Pocket
April 24th is Poem in Your Pocket Day. It's as simple as it sounds. Select a favorite poem, carry it with you all day long, and share it with anyone who is willing to listen. This is a great way to encourage children to read and appreciate poetry. For more ideas and a list of possible poems for your pocket, click HERE.







Did you forget????  We are collecting BoxTops.  Bring them in this week.





7th Grade Immunizations


The Florida Department of Health in Miami-Dade County's Immunization would like to inform you that most children are due for their booster vaccine by the time they are 11 years of age.


Health Form #680 with updated TDAP (TETANUS-DIPHTHERIA-PERTUSIS) vaccine must be received by the Vineland office to allow entry into the seventh grade. 


Ongoing Fundraisers



BOX TOPS  boxtops


Help raise money for our school (each one is worth 10 cents-that adds up fast!) 

WHAT TO SAVE?  The small Box Top label found on hundreds of your favorite products 

WHAT TO DO? Cut out and save in a safe place 

WHERE TO DROP OFF? Turn them in to your classroom teacher



Great for the environment and helps keep these products out of landfills while raising some money for our school 

WHAT TO SAVE?  Recyclable inkjet/toner

other tonercartridges
WHAT TO DO? Box them back up or put in a bag
WHERE TO DROP OFF? Turn them in to Mrs. Coomes in the Media Center




Help raise money for our school from the comfort of your home. null

WHAT TO SAVE?  All your store receipts from the last seven null(7) days.

WHAT TO DO? First, download the Shoparoo app onto your smart phone, then snap pictures of your receipts and earn points = money for our school.


When shopping in the following stores, please give them Vineland's ID# in order to help raise money for our school 

OFFICE DEPOT  # 70022517 

OFFICE MAX # 861102254 

TARGET # 40396 (Must be used in conjunction with Target Cards)


Mark Your Calendar



April 18                      No School - Teacher Planning Day
April 14 - May 7          FCAT Testing
                                 (No Lunch Bunch these weeks)
April 23                      Secretary's Day
April 30                      National Honesty Day

May 12-16                  Teacher Appreciation Week 



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